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Complete Lodger Pack

This package encompases the complete set of documents that a live in landlord is likely to require when taking a lodger into their home.

Document: Complete Lodger Pack

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Within the pack you'll find:

An application form for prospective lodgers giving you all the information you need to check your new lodgers references and history. One of the most important tools in the Lodger Pack is a lodger agreement setting out all thestandard provisions to protect yourself and your property. Lodger document packageThe standing order mandate will ensure your payments are the right amount and reach your account on time. You should always provide your lodger with a rent receipt regardless of the payment type, our rent receipt can be filled in electronically and emailed to your lodger or printed out if you prefer a hard copy, you'll need to keep receipts for tax purposes, especially if you believe you will exceed the £4250 Rent A Room scheme allowance. Also in the pack there are letter templates for your insurance company and mortgage provider, you should inform your insurers in case your premium will be affected by you taking in a tenant, you should also tell your mortgage provider in case it breaches the terms and conditions.

This document package contains the following items:
+ Lodger Licence Agreement £9.99
+ Lodger Guide £2.99
+ Inventory Checklist £1.99
+ Standing Order Mandate Form £2.99
+ Notice to Leave £2.99
+ Lodger Application Form £2.99
+ Letter To Insurance Company £2.99
+ Letter To Mortgage Company £2.99
+ Deposit Receipt £1.99
+ Rent Receipt £1.99
+ Notice of Late Payment £2.99
+ Letter to Employer For a Reference £2.99
+ Letter to Previous Landlord for a Reference £2.99
Total package value£42.87
YOU SAVE£22.88
For further details on each document in this pack click on the document names above.
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Complete Lodger Pack

A set of 13 essential documents to rent a room in a house or flat today.

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A comprehensive lodger agreement template written by an experienced solicitor. Save time and money.

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